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New host

Moving to a new host, rather than hosting it on the Mac Mini, which isn’t going to be practical during the move to Grand Rapids.

Update: thanks to Michael Ivey for getting me set up on the new hosting provider (he’s a reseller, along with a million other things). He’s also heading up a new online reputation/credibility company called Divvs which, like any halfway-intelligent social network application today, also has a Facebook app.

Cross-platform test

I can’t get the subtitle to do what I want it to, but I can live with it. The site looks good on Safari, Shiira, and Firefox on Mac, and on Safari on Windows. On IE, it looks like ass. That sounds about right.

Update: By centering the title and subtitle and messing with margin pixel counts, I got it looking reasonably OK on all browsers tested, except that the right navs are still wrong on IE.

Code and image test

Testing the code styling (the theme has this silly “CODE” gif (check it out) that it tries to put next to anything in <code>, even when its inline… seems like that probably should be on the <pre> tag, if anything). I’m also going to upload an image.

For those of you who’ve used Coda, or just stolen the “Panic Sans” font from it, Panic Sans is the first choice for code fonts, followed by Monaco, Courier, Courier New, and monospaced. If there are popular programming fonts I should consider adding before Monaco, let me know.

public class DoesNothing {


So did the styling of DoesNothing work?

For the sake of an image test, here’s what I’m listening to:

I must be missing something about how to link to images once they’re uploaded.

Fun with CSS and GraphicConverter

I’m in one of those situations where I know what I want, and I’m not sure if the best way to get it is to hack on existing themes that I don’t entirely understand, or write my own from scratch (which will take a huge long time). For now, please excuse the messed up backgrounds.

Hey, is this thing on?

WordPress is finally up and running ( sted localhost fixed the database problem), now I just want to hack on the theme a little bit and get it more Final Pro like…