Talking Streaming with the iPhreaks

I’m pleased to have been asked to be a guest on this week’s episode of the iPhreaks podcast, during which we talked at length about HTTP Live Streaming on iOS.

I was really happy that we were able to convey the sense that streaming is a multi-disciplinary and holistic pursuit, tying in very different kinds of expertise on the client, the server, networking, encoding, content production, and business concerns. That’s something I tried to stress in my CocoaConf HLS talks. The irony is that my speaker feedback from those sessions would sometimes say “more of the iOS part, please”, and the fact is, creating an MPMoviePlayerController or an AVPlayer is easy compared to some of the other tasks involved — encoding for different bitrates, transcode/transmux for non-iOS clients, security, etc. To say nothing of acquiring or creating something worth streaming in the first place.

So, good chat, and quite a brain-dump for a 45-minute podcast. The guys had lots of relevant expertise in encoding and hosting, which took the conversation in directions it needed to go. So, thanks iPhreaks. It was fun.

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