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I Am A Spy In The House Of Love

So I tried something different this year. I took a pass on the angst and nerd drama of the WWDC ticket lottery and saved my pennies for a completely different conference, Streaming Media West. As much as I like working on media applications, I’ve long believed that I’ll be far more useful as a consultant the more I understand the content side and the problems that clients are likely to bring my way. I really like the magazine and its website, and figured I could pick up some useful knowledge both for my development work and my aspirations to do more livestreaming of my own.

tl;dr, was it worth $2,500 of my own money for ticket, hotel, and airfare? No. Not in any obvious way. But the fact that it didn’t pan out may itself provide valuable insights.

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26 Reasons An Apple TV Game Console Is Unlikely

Of all the new products Apple could release this fall, a revamped Apple TV/game console would be the easiest to make…and could deliver a huge unexpected disruption to the upcoming next-gen game consoles from Sony and Microsoft. […] All we need now is for Apple to announce a new Apple TV this fall. And, I don’t think that’s so far-fetched at all.

That’s not the worst of it. What’s worse is that this is from an article on CNET (ahem) called “Why an Apple TV game console is a no-brainer”.

OK, take a minute to work through the guffaws. Hey, I get it, what are you gonna do… we were starved for any kind of Apple news after Apple spent the first half of the year in silent running. Pundits had to pull something out of their butts! And some took the addition of an iOS game controller API as a natural compliment to an Apple TV gaming box.

But Apple game console… umm, yeah. Aside from my already-established skepticism on the idea of an Apple TV SDK, let me share with you a post I saw on App.Net that utterly killed for me the prospect of an Apple TV game console:

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Two speaking appointments, one listening…

Two weeks until CocoaConf Atlanta, where I’m doing sessions on Audiobus and A/V encoding teaching the Core Audio all-day class. Probably the last time for the Core Audio class, but I’ve said that before too. Still, thinking pretty seriously about doing all day AV Foundation class on CocoaConf’s Spring 2014 tour.

And then of course, there’s CodeMash and my half-day class on Roku in January. But I talked about that last time. And it’s sold out anyways.

In between those is a thing I haven’t done in a while (not since WWDC 2009): going to a conference as an attendee, paying a hefty admission fee because I dearly want to learn more about the topic, from the small group of people that know what they’re doing. I’m talking about the Streaming Media West conference, held in Huntington Beach, CA the week after CocoaConf Atlanta (in fact, I’m flying there directly from ATL).

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