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Don’t mind me, just testing links from the new iTunes Affiliate Program.

Interestingly, it seems you can’t create affil links to Apple apps (Mac or iOS) anymore. But the format is so simple (append at= and your affil ID to the usual iTunes URL), that it’s easy to do by hand. Like this: Final Cut Pro X. Question is, does it count?

Practical upshot of these programs: I get a 7% cut of anything you buy on iTunes for 24 hours after you follow one of these links. Doesn’t change your price; it’s just a payment from Apple to me for sending them traffic. And it’s never very much money (average $20 a month), but infinitely more than I made with a brief Google AdSense experiment (never got to $1, and the Apple and Amazon affil links are way less intrustive than banners), and it’s also a little more than I make off my old apps in the App Store.

EDIT: one huge improvement I forgot to mention is that the URLs no longer begin with… which scared off some users who moused over them and rightly worried where they’d be taken. Since the URLs are now all with just an additional key-value pair in the parameters, users should feel more comfortable clicking them. They’re probably a lot more Twitter-friendly in this format too.

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