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Conferences Are Coming

Fall’s coming, evenings are getting shorter (sorry, Southern Hemisphere, but roll with me here), and the Fall conferences are gearing up. Last week was CocoaConf Portland, and here’s me teaching the iPad Productivity APIs class (from the CocoaConf Flickr):

Chris Adamson in iPad Productivity workshop

One thing I need to get in before the jump: CocoaConf organizer Dave Klein was on episode 15 of the My Appventure podcast, and the show notes page linked above has a 20% off code for the next three CocoaConfs: Columbus, OH (Sept. 27-8), Boston, MA (Oct. 25-6), and Atlanta, GA (Nov. 15-6). I’m teaching all-day classes the day before each of these: iPad Productivity in Columbus, and Core Audio in Boston and Atlanta.

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Apple TV Predictions Made Easy (Thanks to Roku)

Rumor has it that the VEVO music video service is coming to Apple TV. Well, as its own channel I mean, since it’s always been possible to AirPlay the VEVO iOS app.

So that’s great to add value to the box by adding new channels. But it’s also old hat because, well, we’ve had VEVO on the Roku for as long as I’ve had one.

And Apple TV getting stuff long after Roku is not a new thing. Back in June, we got HBO Go and Crunchyroll, which had already been on Roku for some time.

If there isn’t a sign at the Roku offices saying “Cupertino, start your copiers”, there should be.

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Click Here to Fund this Blog

Don’t mind me, just testing links from the new iTunes Affiliate Program.

Interestingly, it seems you can’t create affil links to Apple apps (Mac or iOS) anymore. But the format is so simple (append at= and your affil ID to the usual iTunes URL), that it’s easy to do by hand. Like this: Final Cut Pro X. Question is, does it count?

Practical upshot of these programs: I get a 7% cut of anything you buy on iTunes for 24 hours after you follow one of these links. Doesn’t change your price; it’s just a payment from Apple to me for sending them traffic. And it’s never very much money (average $20 a month), but infinitely more than I made with a brief Google AdSense experiment (never got to $1, and the Apple and Amazon affil links are way less intrustive than banners), and it’s also a little more than I make off my old apps in the App Store.

EDIT: one huge improvement I forgot to mention is that the URLs no longer begin with… which scared off some users who moused over them and rightly worried where they’d be taken. Since the URLs are now all with just an additional key-value pair in the parameters, users should feel more comfortable clicking them. They’re probably a lot more Twitter-friendly in this format too.

Some Online Polls Aren’t Worth the Paper They’re Printed On

Ugh! One more App Store rant… I know, sorry! I was meaning to write about some of the AV Foundation stuff I’ve been doing and how my concerns about the type-y-ness of AV Foundation (versus all the places QuickTime and Core Audio will take a void *) are partially ameliorated by the very flexible Core Media attachments API.

But I have got to put my foot down about this 95% of developers are updating their apps for iOS 7 poll, because this is what an echo chamber sounds like, and we in the iOS developer community need to police our own BS before someone else — or reality — does it for us.

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