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April 2013: Kind of talked out

And a week late, I’m finally writing my follow-up post to CocoaConf San Jose. Not that anybody’s missing anything, I think, because I’ve been doing the same two hour-long sessions for the CocoaConf Spring 2013 tour: “Core Audio in iOS 6” and “Mobile Movies with HTTP Live Streaming”. I’ve tweaked each repeatedly, although this time the only one with slides new enough to post to Slideshare is the Core Audio one, since I added some slides at the end to do an overview of Audiobus.

I’d hoped to get a full-blown Audiobus demo ready in time for the conference, but client work took priority, and in the midst of an 11-hour flight delay in Denver, I didn’t have the tools or the stamina to pull it off.

Actually, I’m thinking I may work on digging into Audiobus enough to get a whole one-hour talk on it ready for CocoaConf’s Fall tour. Doing so would also help me deal with the fact that some of the Fall conferences will likely fall inside the iOS 7 / OS X 10.9 NDA period, leaving us unable to talk about the new hotness from Cupertino. Audiobus is an interesting new topic that would not be encumbered by the Cupertino cone of silence.

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Can’t Buy a Thrill

MacWorld ran a story last week to remind readers that A $5 App Isn’t Expensive, and imploring readers to stop being such cheapskates for the sake of the App Store economy.

Earth to MacWorld: It’s already too late. The market has spoken, and it refuses to pay for apps, even when the toxic side-effects of that are manifest.

MacWorld’s piece comes in part as a response to Michael Jurewitz’s five-part series on app pricing, posted on the eve of his return to Apple (and, presumably, a lot more circumspection about his future blogging). Jury sees the app pricing race to the bottom as a self-inflicted wound and urges developers to charge what their apps are worth.

Great advice… for anyone still around to take it.

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