CocoaConf DC 2013: The Usual Follow-Up Links

For CocoaConf DC, I freshened up the HTTP Live Streaming talk with a demo of the streams created for the iOS app working as-is with a Roku HD purchased the night before at Target (because I forgot my Roku XS back in Grand Rapids). Actually, only the basic and variant streams work – I didn’t try getting encrypted streams to work, but Roku apparently supports it, so that’s something to work on for next time.

For CocoaConf San Jose on April 18, I’m bringing back the All-Day Core Audio Workshop for one more go-round, so get in on that if you’re interested.

I also had time left over at the end of my regular Core Audio session in DC… with a few judicious cuts, I could carve out 10 minutes or so for an introduction to AudioBus. Anyone interested in that?

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  1. coveloper

    I’d love to get some insight on AudioBus in San Jose!

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