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CocoaConf Portland ’12 and the AudioQueueProcessingTap

CocoaConf Portland was this last weekend, and the conference continues to grow in scope, prominence, and depth with each installment. Visiting the US west coast for the first time, it picked up Brent Simmons (famous for NetNewsWire, Glassboard, and MarsEdit) and Daniel Pasco of Black Pixel as keynoters, plus James Dempsey playing some of his famous WWDC developer-oriented songs, such as the timeless luau of Cocoa memory management, “The Liki Song”.

For my stuff, I kicked off Thursday with a second run of the all-day Core Audio tutorial, which I’ll be doing again at CocoaConf Raleigh. It’s nice to teach these advanced classes, because I keep learning things about Xcode and Obj-C from the attendees as we work through the projects together.

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Deal of the Day

InformIT has the eBook of Learning Core Audio for just $9.99 US, today only (October 18, 2012), as their eBook Deal of the Day.