Pre-announcement: All-day Core Audio tutorial at CocoaConf Columbus

Back in April, I wondered aloud on Twitter:

Wondering aloud: lots of computer conferences have a one-day tutorial beforehand, usually for beginners. Would anyone want an advanced one?

This is something I’ve been thinking about from the arrangement of the Mac/iOS conferences that typically have a beginner tutorial on day one, then eyes-forward sessions and other contents starting the next day. It seems to have the unintended effect of bifurcating the audience: the intermediate and advanced developers roll in on the second day and it changes the composition of the crowd and the feeling of the group. The sense of “we’re all in this together” gets a little lost. What could we do to get those intermediate and advanced developers in on the first day, mingling with the newbies at breakfast and lunch? Well, we could try to have a tutorial on topics sufficiently advanced that it would be worth the time and expense for intermediate and advanced developers to arrive early for tutorial day.

It seemed like an interesting experiment, and Dave Klein of CocoaConf was game to give it a try. But what goes into an “advanced” tutorial? We could do a day’s worth of stuff that you only get into after a year or two of professional development — managing large code-bases, fancy UIKit tricks, expert XCode wizardry, etc. — though it’s likely five different instructors would come up with five different sets of topics to cover.

Another idea: pick a single advanced topic and really dig into it. Maybe something that people are aware of but haven’t had time to tackle. Something that’s so renowned for its challenge that the best way to learn it would be to just sit down with an expert for a day and work through some code.

Something like, Core Audio, you suppose?

Yep, that’s exactly what we’re doing. On Thursday, August 9 — the first day of CocoaConf Columbus — I’m going to do an all-day Core Audio intro tutorial. I haven’t hashed out the schedule, but it will basically be geared to projects that we can bang out in a tutorial setting and that do something interesting. I might draw from the book, but I might throw in some all-new material… just this week, I was working on code for an ADC support incident and realized that a basic web radio client could be explained and written in about two hours, so that’s at least possible (and ironic, considering we chose to leave Audio File Stream Services out of the book). Surely, the afternoon will have to be all about Audio Units.

Pre-requisites: as with the book, you’ll need a reasonable comfort level with C — not expert level, but not afraid of malloc, sizeof, or * either. Not sure if I want to require a device or make everything simulator-friendly. Guess you can watch the CocoaConf page for that.

Anyways, Dave and family are going to be focused on CocoaConf DC for the time being, and probably won’t switch the page to Columbus until July. If you’re interested in a full day of serious Core Audio hackery and slashery, save the date (Thursday, August 9), and start thinking about how you’ll get yourself to central Ohio.

Hope to see you there. I’m looking forward to being able to do a full day of Core Audio.

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  1. coveloper

    wow awesome!

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