iDeveloper Live, Minus the Live

I was a guest on last week’s iDeveloper Live, which gave me a chance to talk to Scotty and John for over an hour about the Learning Core Audio book, Core Audio and other Mac/iOS media frameworks, the iOS SDK Development book, and why I decided to take a pass on WWDC this year (mostly for the reasons I discussed last year). Also, for whatever reason, we spent an inordinate amount of time up front on the fact that I live in Grand Rapids and why that is awesome.

Anyways, if you’re not already subscribed to the show’s post-facto podcast in iTunes, you can grab the episode from its show notes page.

UPDATE: The other thing I wanted to mention in this blog (and forgot to) is the response to the Learning Core Audio book in the first few weeks since its introduction. Overall, the feedback has been better than expected, as have the sales (I expected practically no sales, because of how poorly my QuickTime for Java book sold). We’re still holding onto a top-30 ranking among Mac programming books on Amazon, where the Kindle edition has been sporadically outselling the paper edition, much to my surprise.

The one rub for me is an inexplicable one-star review on iBooks that takes us to task for not covering creation of a custom audio unit, something we left out in part because it’s one of the few Core Audio topics for which Apple has a full-on tutorial. To be bashed for that, and then accused of covering only “entry level” material that’s “easily found on the web” (despite the long-standing complaint that Core Audio has little to no usable documentation), is just mind-boggling. I know, creators shouldn’t complain about reviews, but this one is so detached from reality, it makes me wonder where I’ve spent the last two years, and if I’ve maybe slipped into a parallel reality where we did a crap job and performed no original research or experimentation. Fortunately, the rest of the feedback we’re getting is a lot more positive.

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