What You Missed at CocoaConf Chicago (2012)

OK, here’s my usual post-conference blog entry with slides and sample code links. In a break with tradition, I’m actually getting it up the day after I got home from CocoaConf, rather than weeks later.

“Core Audio Cranks It Up” is a talk I first gave at an earlier conference, so the links to slides and sample code are in What You Missed At Voices That Matter iOS, Fall 2011.

New for CocoaConf, I did a talk called Core What?, which started from Twitter discussions with potential attendees about topics including a grab-bag of Core Foundation and other C-level oddities and novelties, and all the gruesome PDF lessons I learned late last year.

Core What?

For what it’s worth, this is another conference presentation I created entirely on my iPad. This presentation also includes an off-the-cuff reference to Bodacious Space Pirates (although one stage of the build was lost in export to PDF). You’re welcome.

We also did a “Reverse Q&A” panel, in the style introduced by Harmonix’s PAX East 2011 Reverse Q&A. This made it a lot easier to get the discussion rolling quickly, and featured much more insight from the audience than you’d get from a typical panel format. Feedback on Twitter has been positive, including from CocoaConf’s itself, which vows to use the format again in the future. But maybe next time I’ll stick to the handheld mic that I shared with audience members, because I think my super-sensitive lavalier was the source of the feedback whenever I was under a speaker.

Finally, like any good trip, this one included trips to Fry’s Electronics and Ted’s Montana Grill. Because if there are two things I need more of in my life, it’s computer parts and bison-burgers.

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