CocoaConf, NSBrief, etc.

Miscellaneous updates:

CocoaConf Chicago early bird pricing ends this weekend. I’ll be there, doing the Core Audio on iOS 5 talk (with MIDI and Audio Unit effects), and a new “Core What?” talk about neat stuff I’ve found over the years in the various C frameworks. A big piece of it will actually center on the CGPDF… stuff in Core Graphics, after all the PDF work I did last fall. Drawing into a PDF and drawing a PDF page into your view are common enough tasks, and the parsing of a PDF is another one of those tasks where the API makes absolutely no damn sense until you understand the problem domain behind it. Beyond that… CFUUID, CF-only collections, other curiosities and oddities.

Oh, and there’s a Fry’s Electronics in Downer’s Grove, about 20 minutes from the conference hotel. I have at least $500 worth of stuff on my shopping list (NAS, FCPX-compatible video card, Rock Band drums or Pro Guitar, out-of-print anime…). So that will add to the fun.

Speaking of CocoaConf, Saul Mora (who recorded our panel at CocoaConf Raleigh) had me on as a guest for NSBrief episode #33, in which we discuss audio theory, Core Audio, and AV Foundation for an hour. Plus, I lay out the plan for the “Reverse Q&A” we’re doing at CocoaConf Chicago, inspired by the Harmonix Reverse Q&A Panel at PAX East 2011. I wondered aloud about the idea of doing this in an earlier blog, and I’m glad we’ll have a chance to give it a shot. Hopefully, this will prove to be a good way to shake up the regular old panel format, and be fun and insightful for audience and speakers alike.

Learning Core Audio continues to work its way through Pearson’s production process. This week we signed off on author bios and cover blurbs. Copy-edit was a few weeks ago… admittedly a bit of a disappointment as I discovered all the third-person sentences had been somewhat mechanically rewritten to second-person (i.e., “we” becomes “you”). Sometimes it works, sometimes it really doesn’t, and I was too tired to fix all the cases of the latter. Still, it would have been nice to have been told about this house style two years ago when we started the damn thing.

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