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One more speaking update: I’ll once again be at CodeMash in Sandusky, OH, January 11-13, 2012.

Daniel Steinberg and I always try to do something different with the “precompiler” tutorial day, but this year, Apple is doing our work for us by making so many changes in the SDKs and tools (Xcode 4 was still NDA this time last year, IIRC). For this year, I’m doing a three-hour introduction to iOS tutorial in the morning, and Daniel is following up with Mac Development for the iOS Developer in the afternoon. It’s a nice reversal of how we did things in 2010, and lets mine serve as a pre-requisite for his.

Also, I’m doing one regular session, iOS Networking: Bonjour, iCloud!, which will be a top-to-bottom tour of iOS networking, from the new and high-level iCloud APIs, all the way down through Foundation and Core Foundation networking, to the nitty gritty of BSD sockets.

There are a number of other iOS related talks — more than I’d been led to believe — and while it’s not quite a full track unto itself, that’s kind of the point of CodeMash, getting people mingling in each other’s stuff. Although I sill reserve the right to scoff at web development as padded-room detention for the pointer-averse.

A few things to keep in mind about CodeMash: it is held at an enormous indoor waterpark resort, the largest in North America. As a presumable consequence, it sells out ridiculously fast: CodeMash 2011 filled up its 700 seats in 3 days. Thanks to the resort’s expansion, there are 300 more registrations available this year, but it’s a safe bet that it’ll fill up fast. Registration begins Monday morning, Oct. 24.

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