Bandwidth blues

So, this site is at 90% of bandwidth capacity for the month, something that’s never happened before. And that’s after I upped the quota.

I went looking in the logs to see what was going on and found some interesting items. First, whereas I thought my readership was in the hundreds (according to Feedburner’s stats on my RSS follows), awstats says my monthly unique visitors in the 8,000 – 10,000 range. And in the months when I got linked from Daring Fireball, it’s been a lot higher.

The real pressure is coming from people downloading the .zip files of the examples from my AV Foundation sessions at the Voices That Matter conferences. Because these zips include a small (20 MB) QuickTime movie as a source for the editing examples, they end up being disproportionate contributors to the bandwidth use.

Also interesting: a lot of the downloads of the sample code are coming from the .cn top-level domain. Users in China account for less than 3% of the blog reads, but 75% of the overall bandwidth, because they seem to be mostly interested in the sample code. Maybe that’ll change once WWDC is done and Apple has new samples up, assuming that Apple samples should be the first word in developer how-tos, and assuming they feel the need to put out new AVF sample code.

Anyways, so that I don’t go over quota and lose the site for the rest of the month, I’ve moved all the conference sample code over to the public folder of my Dropbox (referral link). I’ve also searched through the blog entries and repointed the links to these examples, so if you start from the blog entries and follow a link, you should be fine (whereas if you have an old link in the form, you can likely expect a 404).

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