When the client’s happy…

Brief note about the project I worked on late last year, and in dribs and drabs since then. The XanEdu iPad app for reading the company’s digital course packs picked up a major award, selected as one of 10 Campus Technology 2011 Innovators Awards.

It’s only useful to (and usable by) college and grad school students whose schools use XanEdu as a vendor, so it’s never going to make the iTunes charts, so it’s nice to see it’s going over well. Mostly I worked on the reader functionality, including the profoundly tricky highlighting feature seen here:


If you wondered why I was complaining bitterly about JavaScript and DOM a few months back, now you know. In fact, our requirements for this feature were harder than the similar iBooks highlighting, since we have to tolerate overlapping highlights (since highlight and comment areas can be shared between users).

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