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My original plan for being featured on the iDevBlogADay blogroll was to be able to share some of the work I’m doing on the Core Audio book. I figured that as I worked through new material, that would translate into blog entries that could then get the word out about the book.

Unfortunately, I think what’s happening is that I’ve been working on iDevBlogADay entries instead of working on the book. And that’s not going to fly, at least if we want to get done in time for WWDC (two of which this book has already missed).

So, given that, and given that there are 50 other iOS developers waiting for a turn, I’m going cede my spot on iDevBlogADay, return to the waiting list, and hopefully apply that time to getting the book done.

If you want to keep following me, please do… previously, my blogging has tended to come and go in waves of inspiration, rather than the steady schedule that comes with participation in iDevBlogADay, so just grab the RSS feed URL or create a bookmark or just follow me on Twitter.

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