Another conference, two more sessions

My editor on the Core Audio book passed along my name as a potential speaker for the Voices That Matter: iPhone 2010 conference… but not on Core Audio. My co-author, Kevin Avila, has that covered. And I’ll be covering CA two weeks prior at 360iDev, so why would I want to put all that work into a talk and use it twice, when I can put lots more work into two talks. That would be too easy.

Oh, did I say two talks? I meant three. Chuck suggested I do a location/mapping talk based on my experiences developing Road Tip, and after agreeing, I noticed the schedule had a spot for an In-App Purchase talk. Foolhardy me, I said to the organizers, “hey, if you don’t have a speaker for that topic, I can take it.” So now I’ve got two talks for VTM:i.

The tricky thing is, the VTM talks are going to be pretty easy to put together, given that I’ve already written extensively about mapping and in-app purchase here on [T:c];. Heck, I did I-AP last week for Ann Arbor CocoaHeads, and I think I only swore three times.

The Core Audio talk, which comes two weeks earlier at 360iDev, will actually be the hardest to put together because the proposal and topic are still pretty nebulous — “advanced Core Audio” — and because I’ll want to pull, you know, actual advanced stuff into it. On the other hand, it’s great that there’s a “Three Core Audio Hello Worlds” earlier in the conference, covering AVAudioPlayer, OpenAL, and Audio Units to some degree, so I can elide some of the basics and get right into the hard-core.

Thing is, I now have, what, three weeks to put the hard-core together. Alas, another crunch.

Oh, and here’s a promo code for VTM:i: PHASPKR. I don’t have a code for 360iDev, but if you follow 360idev on Twitter, you might catch one flying by.

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