iPhone book touch-up

I just got work from our editor that iPhone SDK Development is “flying off shelves” and they need to rush to reprint. That’s a problem we’d like to have, of course!

Anyways, I’m taking a day off Next Exit to tend to small errata that can be fixed without major disruption… nothing that would take copy-editing or serious re-layout. There aren’t that many errata, and a few of them are my own (40984, for example), so it’s nice to have a chance to do a quick fix-up. There’s a little dust here and there where a Leopard screenshot already looks dated, but it’s nothing that should alarm anyone too badly. When Apple announces the inevitable iPhone SDK 4.0, then we’ll start sweating.

I haven’t had a lot of people asking about a Kindle version, so maybe that means the message has gotten out: if you buy the eBook and paper bundle directly from the Prags’ website, you get access to a Kindle-compatible mobi version, along with PDF, and a epub for use with the lovely Stanza e-book reader for iPhone. Daniel also informed me that if you’ve bought the hard-copy elsewhere, you can still upgrade to the e-bundle if you want an electronic copy, by registering it on your Prags bookshelf.

I do feel like my coding style has changed a little between writing a bigger app (Next Exit is about 7,000 LOC), and wonder how that would translate to a new edition or another book. My guess is that you’d see a lot more #defines for starters. I’ve also adopted the practice of moving the dealloc method to the top of the file — right after whichever form of init... is used — to make memory management more prominent and remind me to release those instance variables.

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