Playing with KVC

Nothing major, I was just looking at some different approaches to setting contents of nib-loaded table cells that may need to be more dynamic than usual. I caught myself playing with key-value coding and thought that the following three lines – all of which do the same thing – were kind of neat:

cell.textLabel.textColor = [UIColor greenColor];
[cell.textLabel setValue: [UIColor greenColor] forKeyPath: @"textColor"];
[cell setValue: [UIColor greenColor] forKeyPath: @"textLabel.textColor"];

All you have to do to participate in KVC is to use properties, or follow a convention for naming getters and setters.

I’m looking at doing some custom tables (see my impromptu screencast on flippable cells) and was wondering about approaches to putting different kinds of cells different table instances. Seems like KVC would be one technique to get at the labels and other subviews of variant UITableViewCell subclasses, without having to know the actual class at compile time. Guess we’ll find out if it works nicely.

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