iPhone Camp Atlanta talk pre-release[?] video

I found a link on (Low-Latency Core Audio with Queues, Units, Graphs, and AL) to the talk I gave at iPhone Camp Atlanta a few weeks ago. Here’s the <embed>:

I’m not sure if this is meant as final, or if the conference’s home page will have updated video links later. I sure hope it’s not final, because the video is several minutes out of sync with the audio. To wit, I’m looking at 10:27 right now, where the video shows a dialog indicating the hardware latency of the Audio Unit demo, but the soundtrack is still one topic back, talking about Audio Queues. It also cuts out at least five minutes before the end of the talk.

While it was short and off the cuff, I thought it went well and covered a lot of important stuff for people who’ve touched Core Audio and want to know how far down the rabbit-hole goes. Hoping they’ll post a fixed video someday.

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  1. cadamson

    Ironically, for all I’ve ripped on Ogg in this blog, the .ogg download from is only about 1-2 seconds out of sync, and does not cut off the last 15 minutes of the talk. Instead, it only cuts off the last 3-4 minutes of the talk. So, watch the .ogg with VLC and low standards, if you’re so inclined. Thanks!

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