Speaking at CodeMash 2009

OK, now that it’s public knowledge, I’ll be speaking at CodeMash 2009, January 7-9 in Sandusky, Ohio. I’ll be doing a half-day deep dive tutorial on iPhone SDK programming as part of the January 7 Precompiler. Actually, I’m doing the half-day tutorial twice; given the interest level in all things iPhone, that gives me a chance to work with more people and to let them loose to hit other precompiler events the rest of the day.

I’m also doing a quickie one-hour intro as a regular session on Thursday or Friday. The descriptions on the session page are borked (at least in Safari, Firefox, and IE… maybe it works in Opera?), so here’s the abstract that I sent:

The iPhone may be the most disruptive consumer electronic product released in decades, and with the release of a public SDK for third-party programmers, is one of the most important new platforms. For many developers, the iPhone SDK is completely alien, forsaking widely used languages and libraries in favor of Objective-C and Cocoa. However, these technologies were honed for years on the Mac and for those willing to invest the time to learn them, they offer a surprisingly powerful programming environment. This talk will offer an introduction to the contents of the iPhone SDK: developing with XCode and building GUIs with Interface Builder. It will introduce the Objective-C language and the core ideas and design patterns of the Cocoa Touch framework. Along with an overview of the major APIs of the iPhone platform, the talk will also discuss the processes by which you can get your application onto end-user devices, either via ad hoc distribution within the enterprise or via the Apple App Store to the general public.

I had hoped to go to this conference last year, but Sun Tech Days Atlanta intervened. Now that I’m just a four-hour drive from Sandusky, it makes a lot more sense.

Come for the APIs, stay for the indoor waterslides..

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  1. Hey, I’ll also be doing a TDD session at the Precompiler and CAN’T wait to attend your session. So, that’s a +1 for your talk! See you there,


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