ComposiCoaxiaComponent cables at Target

Maybe all the laid-off Circuit City staffers can get jobs helping customers at Target, which apparently could use the help:

Click the image and look closely: this sign (from a Grand Rapids store, but presumably the same everywhere) identifying analog A/V connections gets composite and coaxial cables backwards. Composite is the yellow RCA cable, which has luminance and chrominance on the same wire (as opposed to say, S-Video), and is completely independent of an audio signal, while coaxial is the twist-on cable with the little core wire sticking out from the white insulator.

I know, you’d rather not have to use either, though my Wii is actually on composite right now because I’ve used up my component inputs with PS2 and the DirecTV HD DVR. I should probably move the Wii to S-Video at least, but someday when I have a little money, the old tube HDTV will move out of the basement and we’ll get a flatscreen with HDMI and switch all the inputs to that. Or whatever the next crazy cable standard is.

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