Product versus Process

Daring Fireball, on rumor that Apple’s Finder App to get Cocoa Rewrite for Snow Leopard:

Everyone out there with a stiffy for the “rewritten in Cocoa” Snow Leopard Finder needs to get a grip. Cocoa is just an API. It is not some sort of magic technology where you just sprinkle a ton of square brackets in your source code and you instantly get a better UI.

I don’t think that’s the big deal. I think the big deal is that with Apple finally facing up to a really big, nasty Carbon-to-Cocoa rewrite, they’re either going to appreciate the pain they’re insisting that their partners go through with their legacy products (Word, Photoshop, etc.), or (more optimistically) they’re going to develop tools and techniques as part of their internal transition, and make those available in some future tool or SDK.

Granted, this is the sound of me clinging to a soon-to-be-wrong prediction that Carbon would get deprecated this year:

Apple has some still-viable pre-OS X apps (iTunes anyone?) that are presumably Carbon, and with the Intel transition done, I wonder if they’re not spending the first half of 2008 converting those to Cocoa, developing needed migration tools along the way, with the intention of rolling into WWDC 2008 able to say “it’s not that hard, we did it, here’s how, and here’s stuff to help.”

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  1. I think Gruber’s wrong for other reasons, too. The keyword in “rewritten in Cocoa” for 64-bit is “Cocoa.” But the keyword for the Finder not sucking is “rewrite.” Assuming that’s true, they’ve had a chance to fix any number of things.

    Realistically, though, they’ve probably rewritten as little of the Finder as they could get away with. We’ll see.

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