SDK on the radio

Within hours of the iPhone SDK NDA dropping, Scotty of the Late Night Cocoa released the interview with me, Bill, and Marcel, co-authors of the Prags’ iPhone SDK book, that we recorded like two or three months ago. You know, back when we thought the end of the NDA was imminent.

Did I have a cold then too? My voice sounds really flat. On the other hand, using the good mic makes a huge difference, even over Skype.

Not much I’d take back, except I can tell that this was before I’d finished the Bonjour section, because I’m not sure I would really want to say that you send data via Bonjour. You discover with Bonjour, but then exchange data over plain ol’ sockets.

I had hoped Scotty was going to edit out my mention of a WWDC OpenAL demo. It’s probably harmless, but technically, everything at WWDC other than the Stevenote is NDA. Oops. Crap. Hopefully, Apple’s ninja lawyers haven’t figured out where I live now.

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