My Facebook status is a few days ahead of itself

Oh, if only this were true:

Facebook status updates saying I've left the Atlanta network and joined Grand Rapids

I updated my status over lunch from the phone yesterday, using the full-blown Facebook webapp, while keeping the kids out of the way of the movers for a couple hours. Unfortunately, they stopped with the load-out incomplete due to rains from Tropical Annoyance Fay, which have yet to clear out. So, I’m still in Atlanta, in a half-empty house, while Kelly and the kids have headed on towards Grand Rapids.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that Facebook’s iPhone webapp has much more functionality than its SDK app? The webapp displays more information (edit: or makes it easier to get to quickly, like personal profile info or your wall) than the SDK app, whose advantages are a few features that the webapp can’t provide, like taking and uploading photos.

Apple continued to make a big point of iPhone webapps at WWDC, and even though I have little to no interest in mastering advanced CSS myself, I definitely Get It: if most of your functionality is in working with a webapp, a CSS-for-iPhone client can be developed faster and deployed much more easily than a full-blown SDK app. Hopefully, those of use who are mostly interested in SDK apps will focus our work in areas where the SDK provides functionality you can only achieve with real apps, and not just write heavy-weight webapp clients (or, heaven forbid, something like the app, which reviewers say is basically a link to the website in Safari, with inexplicable crashes thrown in for good measure).

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