Just sold my old G4 Cube. I had put off dealing with it (more important move stuff going on), so when I listed it on Craigslist for the just-enough-to-weed-out-tire-kickers price of $50, I had two takers in the first 30 minutes, two more within the next two hours. Maybe I should have priced it higher, but I just wanted to make sure it found a good home.

For historical purposes, here’s the listing:

Moving on 25th and want to find my Cube (the last one sold at Marietta’s Micro Center in 2001) a good home before we go.

G4 450 MHz
832 MB RAM
120 GB drive (installed 2007)
CD/DVD drive (not a burner)
Mac OS X 10.4 and Mac OS 9.2 (Classic) installed

Also: 15″ Apple Studio Display (special ADC connector only works with Cubes and PowerMacs of this era)
Also: USB speakers (only work with Cubes)
Also: Keyboard, mouse, manual, original CDs

Buyer must pick up computer, monitor, etc. from our house in Marietta (near Town Center Mall, Sprayberry HS)

Please, no tire-kickers or dickerers; I can’t waste time before the move, but would rather find this Mac a good home than throw it out.

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