Got a wish: Square Enix developing for iPod

In an O’Reilly blog a while back, I mentioned my hopes for iPhone gaming, given the suitability of the device for certain kinds of games (such as using the touch UI for menu-based RPGs), and Apple’s success in attracting great developers to its existing iPod game program, like Sega and Harmonix.

Add Square Enix to the list, who’ve just released the iPod game Song Summoner, an RPG in which you create NPC allies from the songs on your iPod, and level them up by listening to those songs (shades of the “generate monsters from CDs” gimmick in Tecmo’s Monster Rancher series).

Is it any good? We’ll find out when the download’s done:

Downloading Square Enix's Song Summoner from iTunes

More importantly, maybe we’ll get the inevitable modern-graphics do-over of Final Fantasy VII on the iPhone?

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  1. 30 minutes in and I’m basically still in training mode… pretty typical for a Square RPG. Good things so far: it’s a tactical RPG (of the Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea ilk, and the interface makes nice use of the click wheel to select target squares. Not so hot: there are some points where you can’t just quit quickly (which I think is critical in a mobile game), and there’s a confusing system of both auto saves and manual saves.

    The first two songs it offered to turn into “troopers” were Final Fantasy soundtrack songs by Nobuo Uematsu, and the third was the theme to My Neighbor Totoro. Coincidence?

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