iPhone book has gone to an internal review which, should it be accepted, gets us to a beta book soon. Really soon. There are many chapters from the three authors in various states of completion. As things split, three of my initial four were ready for inclusion, so of the 102 pages in this early build, I wrote 50 of them. Which is damned strange considering that early on, I was the silent and unproductive member of the team (during and immediately after one of our house-shopping trips up to Grand Rapids).

File I/O, Preferences, and SQLite are in the can, Network’s getting there (though I’ve bogged for two days on various crashes I created after having to switch an in-memory cache from Cocoa’s NSDictionary to Core Foundation’s CFDictionaryRef… figured out Tuesday’s, now I’m on to one a few functions later). Apple rejected a feature request I sent in regarding the techniques of determining your network interface, but did so with interesting comments, so that’ll make a good topic to wrap the network chapter with.

Media’s after that, and that’ll probably be a couple weeks of heads-down coding to finally make Audio Toolbox happy (for a change) and OpenAL. And after that, I’d have five of 17 chapters done and presumably be able to see the finish line. Not a bad crunch overall… and the project’s velocity has definitely been kicked into high gear with the addition of Bill Dudney, whose enthusiasm and productivity are inspiring.

Don’t know if they’ll put out a sample chapter, but I’d nominate the SQLite one, actually. Apple’s docs basically say “you have a database, here’s its home page, go nuts,” so the stuff I wrote couldn’t help but be new and novel and tell you stuff that isn’t in Apple’s docs.

No official announcement of the book yet, but there was a sly reference in the latest newsletter (though one could interpret that as a reference to the iPhone material in Bill’s Core Animation book. Of course, we know better…

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