Holy crap, Tune Studio is shipping?

So, like a month ago, I was thinking I should blog with the bold prediction that the Belkin Tune Studio, which I’d mentioned once or twice, was never actually coming out. In a nutshell, my thinking was that having slipped over a year was a bad enough sign (software trouble interfacing with the iPod, perhaps?), but that more importantly, the annual refresh of the iPod line was looming for Fall, and this year’s could plausibly be the refresh where the classic iPod architecture gets dropped in favor of Touch devices. The Tune Studio doesn’t work with the iPhone or iPod Touch, presumably indicating that Belkin has put all of their eggs in the classic iPod basket, and limiting their viability to the continuing relevance and existence of that line.

Belkin Tune Studio

So, I’m so damn smart, right? Then how come the Tune Studio page now has a big ol’ “ADD TO CART” button, replacing the “coming soon” that had been there for so long? Surprise, surprise, they actually shipped.

And yet… I’m not getting one. It would have been really useful for the three conferences where I was recording sound this year: Mobile & Embedded Developer Days, the Java Posse Roundup, and JavaOne. But those are all done now, and I’m not attending any more conferences in any authorized-to-record-audio fashion for the rest of the year. Besides, if I need something like this, instead of a plug-in mixer, maybe I’ll get a portable recording rig, like the Belkin Podcast Studio.

Yeah, if that ever comes out.

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