TuneStudio not, in fact, looming

Despite my previous speculation that the Belkin Tune Studio was about to release, CES and MacWorld have come and gone without an actual release.

I think. It’s hard to tell. A press release says it’s available now in the US, but the product’s web page still says “coming soon”. Amusingly, this iPod-based audio mixer picked up a CES 2008 Best of Innovation honor from SlashGear… the comedy being that the Tune Studio was introduced at CES 2007, and picked up various honors back then. Pretty soon, it’ll be eligible for vaporware awards.

Apparently not deterred by not shipping their last clever iPod-based product, Belkin sent out a press release inviting podcasters to come check out the Podcast Studio (or is it the “Tune Talk Stereo”, as the press release calls it?), a device designed to wrap around your iPod like a sleeve and provide audio in (supporting 1/4″ and XLR mics!) and a compressor/limiter.

Belkin Podcast Studio (or Tune Talk Stereo?)

The prototype apparently shown at MacWorld didn’t work with all iPod models (for example, the 80GB Classic is supported but the 160GB is not), and a Wired blog says they’re shooting for a June release. Of course, that’s only a few months before Apple’s annual refresh of the iPod line, so if they slip, maybe they’ll hold it to ensure compatibility with the new iPods, and ultimately, it’ll be a race to see what gets released first: Tune Studio, Podcast Studio, Duke Nukem Forever, or Chinese Democracy.

If any of my dozens of readers saw either device on the CES or MacWorld show floor, I’d love to hear comments…

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