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My trash is leet

Oh look, my Mail trash is leet:

1337/leet mail trash

Yeah, I know, why would I only trash my leet messages? Heh…


I just removed the Google Ads banner. For a while, it was kind of cool to see links to H.264 encoders and Java and Cocoa stuff, relating the otherwise disparate topics I’ve been blogging about. But recently, it’s all been single skyscrapers, the same thing over and over again, and I’ve gotten bored with it.

Would I feel differently if it were generating serious money? Probably not. Like I said when I set it up, I was somewhat motivated by just wanting to understand the ubiquitous Google Ads. Now that I have… meh.

Fry’s burns me

Considering we go to Fry’s practically once a week, it figures that sooner or later I’d get burned by their legendarily bad service. I bought a 500 GB drive for the tower (rather than partitioning to install Snow Leopard, it seemed easier to just get another drive, considering the Mac Pro has drive bays to spare). I should have thought twice after I realized the package had already been opened (the seal on the wrap was torn, and I later noticed the cable bag had been opened), but it’s a 45-minute drive each way to Fry’s, so I just went ahead and installed the drive.

It works, but it has a buzzing sound that comes up every second or two. Not real bad, but it is audible over the Mac Pro’s fan (wouldn’t have heard it over the Power Mac’s fan, but the Mac Pro is quieter). So that’s a little annoying. Actually, what sucks is the principle of selling returned merchandise as new, especially since Fry’s is usually good about marking returned merchandise on the shelf.

Then again, for $80, it’s not worth getting all that mad over. That’s about what I paid in baggage fees to be mistreated by AirTran last week. Thing is, in a year, terabyte drives will probably be $80, and we’ll be in Grand Rapids, nowhere near a Fry’s or AirTran. So I won’t be doing business with either for much longer.

Ergo, screw you guys, I’m going home.

Mobile test

Testing a WordPress plugin to facilitate blogging directly from the iPhone…

Back online…

I feel like I shouldn’t complain when last night’s South Park portrayed the city’s panic when their internet went out.

Still, if either of the regular readers wondered why the site was unreachable Friday through Tuesday, it’s because we found that upon our return from a week in Michigan, our DSL provider was doing an amazing impersonation of a company that had suddenly gone out of business: all their clients’ connections offline, “all circuits busy” when you try to call, offices locked and blinds shut, with a handwritten note saying “please call our parent company in California”, etc. The chaos can be revisited on DSL Reports.

Anyways, it turns out they weren’t out of business, but while they were failing to respond in any meaningful way to the outage, I switched companies. Took a little longer than it actually needed to, but it’s done now, and we’re back.

Ridiculously unproductive week here, FWIW. The house was all torn up with painters working most of the week, I lost of lot of time with child maintenance, and to add insult to injury, I missed the FedEx truck with the new iPhone-SDK-compatible MacPro earlier today.

Still, guess I’d better not complain too loudly, though, or I’ll end up looking like one of the jackass denizens of South Park.

OpenID installed

I’ve installed the OpenID plug-in for WordPress, so you should be able to use your OpenID for comments rather than registering an account here. I’ll try commenting this post with my own OpenID…

What else is on my desk

The other day, my blog on multi-camera QTKit capture showed the relative locations of cameras on my desk. Being atypically messy, here’s a tour of other points of interest (and irrelevance):

  1. HP Color LaserJet 2600n – Very nice networked color laser, but surprising it’s still a current model (and not heavily discounted) two years after we bought it.
  2. Fullmetal Alchemist 2007 Calendar
  3. Desk light with CF bulb – I rarely use this for reading. It’s really there to provide a fill light while doing video chats or otherwise using the iSight. Lighting is huge in video.
  4. Mug with pencils – I got this mug for Christmas from my parents in high school (the copyright is 1982), and it’s covered with “Murphy’s Law” type quips about computers, most of which are still valid, like “Weinberg’s Law: If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.” More dated are the names of computer languages that are used as a border: APL, Abacus, Assembler, Basic, Culprit, APG11, PL1, Cobol, Fortran, etc.
  5. iPod Classic 160 GB
  6. Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegaas
  7. A Rubik’s Snake
  8. Bottle caps to redeem for MyCokeRewards
  9. XCode – in the bottom left space. Using multiple apps that demand massive screen space — XCode, Soundtrack, and Final Cut — got me to try Spaces, and it really has helped clean up the window clutter. Of course, I imagine some would tell us this really just means that we’ve taken the window metaphor to the breaking point and need to develop something new.
  10. iChat – looks like I’m chatting with Daniel Steinberg
  11. Picture of Quinn at my parents’ place in Michigan
  12. Picture of Kelly while we were snowed in on I-80 for six hours at Donner Summit
  13. Final Fantasy VII figures – I never did bother getting Vincent to complete this set. Never got the whole Vincent thing, but it seems like it was the geek girl contingent that was so into Vincent. I thought he was kind of pointless (literally… he’s an optional character that you can easily fail to find).
  14. Business cards – designed online at,which I often cite as an example of a web-based Flash productivity app.
  15. Picture of Keagan – mini-golfing at Mountasia
  16. Dictionary and Thesaurus – I had these on my Amazon wish-list for years. By the time I finally got them, Mac OS X shipped with a perfectly good dictionary and thesaurus, with a Dashboard widget to get at them. Still, a topic-based Thesaurus is a unique tool.
  17. The Elements of Style
  18. Essential computer books – currently including Cocoa in a Nutshell, Java in a Nutshell, Version control with Subversion, plus my two books.
  19. Family picture of Kelly, Keagan, and Quinn -kind of need an update to this, as it shows Quinn as a three-month old.
  20. Eurorack audio mixer – largely exists to provide phantom power to my podcasting mic (buried in the cables in the hutch). Could do more with it, but don’t currently need to. Connects to the computer via a Griffin iMic.
  21. Fry’s mouse pad
  22. Coke Zero – yes, only one this day.
  23. Life Savers – 15 cal each.
  24. Crank-charged flashlight
  25. Stack of active or to-be-read computer books – currently Producing Flash CS3 Video, Hands-On Guide to Flash Video, and Interactive TV Standards
  26. Fullmetal Alchemist Trading Card Game cards – would be way more fun if I had someone to play it with.
  27. Copier/printer/scanner – gets used like maybe once a month, mostly to send copies of checks to the Georgia Department of Revenue to prove I’ve paid monthly taxes.

OpenID (not yet)

Cooper asked for OpenID support, and I thought it was a good suggestion, so I tried to install the WP-OpenID+ plugin, but it kicks up a parse error when activated. Not a big surprise, considering it’s supported up to WordPress 2.1.2 and I’m now running 2.3.1.

Anybody know of a working OpenID plugin for WordPress?

Brought to you by…

OK, I’ve added a non-obnoxious Google Ads box on the right side. Not sure why, actually, other than:

  • a lot of other blogs do it unobtrusively. Frankly, I kind of wanted to make sure I understand just how Google Ads work in practice
  • the topics here are pretty focused, so any ads should be highly targeted. Keywords like “final cut”, “h.264”, etc., should produce media-related links, not “refi your house again” spew.
  • I’d rather do it now, when nobody’s reading the blog, rather than later, when it would look like I was trying to monetize the blog

Will this amount to anything? Probably not. Maybe someday it’ll help the blog pay for itself, but that’s not the plan, nor a requirement.