#import [Time code];

Hey, look, I ported the blog to Swift! [Time code]; is now Time.code(), which means I’ve lost the warm hug of the Objective-C square braces, but at least I don’t need a semicolon at the end of every line either.

What’s really going on is that after freeloading off my friend Michael’s; web hosting account, I finally decided that I really ought to take hosting into my own hands. So, I’ve brought everything over to a t2.nano instance on AWS and hopefully haven’t lost too much in the move.

It looks like comments are intact, but user records are gone, though I don’t think there have been any particularly consistent commenters over the 8 years of this blog’s life, so hopefully nobody’s too broken up over that (most posts never got comments anyways, and it’s not like a blog is a great form for group communication anyways — I’m happy to answer questions when I can, but bigger conversations belong on Twitter or the devforums where they can be seen)

Oh, I should check to see if I can upload images into WordPress. That was a bitch when I was setting up invalidstream, but I followed a different guide this time, so maybe it won’t suck:


OK, that works, but I keep crashing msqld when I work with images, and that’s not something I’m eager to be constantly babysitting, so I guess I have more work to do.

Once that’s done, I really am going to try to blog more in 2016 than I have for the last year. As I said earlier, I’m taking a sabbatical from the conference rush to hunker down and learn new stuff, particularly tvOS and streaming content to it, and that should result in more frequent and more technical blogs here.

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  1. cadamson

    The problem with image uploads crashing the mysql daemon appear to be an out-of-memory error. Guess that’s what I get for rolling the dice on a t2.nano instance (although running a low-traffic WordPress site is exactly what you’d want to do with such an instance, right?). It was suggested I add some swap; let’s see if that fixes it.

  2. Chris Adamson

    Swap brought things to a crawl, so I’ve resized to t2.micro (like what invalidstream has), and tried to cut down the mysqld memory pool, and added swap as a last resort. Let’s see if that combination holds up for a while.

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