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#import [Time code];

Hey, look, I ported the blog to Swift! [Time code]; is now Time.code(), which means I’ve lost the warm hug of the Objective-C square braces, but at least I don’t need a semicolon at the end of every line either.

What’s really going on is that after freeloading off my friend Michael’s; web hosting account, I finally decided that I really ought to take hosting into my own hands. So, I’ve brought everything over to a t2.nano instance on AWS and hopefully haven’t lost too much in the move.

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Hey, Big Spender

“Oh hell, another App Store thinkpiece.” Yeah, I know, not really my department even, so I’ll try to through it quickly. I just can’t help but think about some ideas and facts that can’t all be true at the same time.

Let’s start with this: 5 of the last 6 Kickstarters I’ve supported (check out my profile there) have been for software projects, games specifically. None of them are for iOS, only one is for OS X, and collectively, they represent far more than all my purchases on the App Store combined over the last 7 years (and that’s coming from someone who dutifully plunked down $50 for OmniGraffle for iOS and buys the new $5 Pinball Arcade table I-AP every month).

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