Two speaking appointments, one listening…

Two weeks until CocoaConf Atlanta, where I’m doing sessions on Audiobus and A/V encoding teaching the Core Audio all-day class. Probably the last time for the Core Audio class, but I’ve said that before too. Still, thinking pretty seriously about doing all day AV Foundation class on CocoaConf’s Spring 2014 tour.

And then of course, there’s CodeMash and my half-day class on Roku in January. But I talked about that last time. And it’s sold out anyways.

In between those is a thing I haven’t done in a while (not since WWDC 2009): going to a conference as an attendee, paying a hefty admission fee because I dearly want to learn more about the topic, from the small group of people that know what they’re doing. I’m talking about the Streaming Media West conference, held in Huntington Beach, CA the week after CocoaConf Atlanta (in fact, I’m flying there directly from ATL).

As inspired as I am by up-and-coming developers on the iOS and OS X platforms who make the most of their time at CocoaConf — Janie Clayton-Hasz kind of takes the gold for CocoaConf Boston — it’s my turn to be in that position and bug the knowledgeable types about stuff I can’t do, like setting up Wowza on Amazon EC2, and tying in a chat room to a self-hosted livestream, and getting anybody to find it, and lots more questions I haven’t thought of yet.

The conference sent out an e-mail a few weeks ago with a link listing the attendees. You can find me — the “Director of Code and Media” (yes, fanciful title, but the legally-required “President” is so stuffy) of “Subsequently & Furthermore” — mixed in with all these VPs and CEOs of broadcasters and technology companies that everybody’s actually heard of. Kind of intimidating, actually. Hopefully all these “Principles” and “Directors” are people like me who are just one-person shops.

I don't want to feel pathetic anymore!

Lots to learn. I’ve got some very specific plans for a livestream I’d like to get going on a regular basis, inspired by all these younger people (mostly in the anime and gaming realm) who’ve got their own informal livestreams going, playing games or making fun of movies or just assembling great video from around the web. Sometimes before bed, I’ll just zone out to someone on Twitch playing Hatsune Miku Project Diva via the unofficial channel for Roku (I don’t know why, but it’s nice and relaxing for me to watch those rhythm action games). And I’ve gotten more interested in upcoming movies from trailers on the Shinjuku Station pre-show than I have from normal marketing channels. To say nothing of the ball of anime fun that is JesuOtaku’s Saturday night livestream.

My eventual plan involves kind of taking the next step past the all-the-same iOS podcasts by doing something live and bringing in an overlap of my various interests (both of them), and slowly using excerpts of the stream to build up an archive of video. And code. I know, kind of cagey… you’ll see it when it’s ready, and not before. But still, I hope I can get unblocked and get moving on this in the next few months. Maybe I’ll come back from the conference with enough inspiration and knowledge to make it finally happen.

Of course, I could crash and burn. Doing new things is like that.

Are you scared? Yes. However I'm looking forward to it.

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