Conferences Are Coming

Fall’s coming, evenings are getting shorter (sorry, Southern Hemisphere, but roll with me here), and the Fall conferences are gearing up. Last week was CocoaConf Portland, and here’s me teaching the iPad Productivity APIs class (from the CocoaConf Flickr):

Chris Adamson in iPad Productivity workshop

One thing I need to get in before the jump: CocoaConf organizer Dave Klein was on episode 15 of the My Appventure podcast, and the show notes page linked above has a 20% off code for the next three CocoaConfs: Columbus, OH (Sept. 27-8), Boston, MA (Oct. 25-6), and Atlanta, GA (Nov. 15-6). I’m teaching all-day classes the day before each of these: iPad Productivity in Columbus, and Core Audio in Boston and Atlanta.

For this tour, I’m doing two entirely new talks. One on A/V media encoding (theory, crunching video with Compressor, and using the various exporters in Core Audio and AV Foundation in your own code), and another on Audiobus (get the app already, will ya?), for which I took the web radio example we build in the Core Audio class and twisted it into an Audiobus input, meaning we can then receive it in Audiobus output apps, like GarageBand.

Output from web radio app as captured by GarageBand via Audiobus on iPhone

Anyways, here’s the usual slides and code links (no code for A/V Encoding session, just Audiobus):

The Audiobus people sent me a couple of tweets of two things to correct for next time. The most surprising of the two was that despite Michael Tyson’s blog about discovering the potential uses of MIDI SysEx messages — something I cited in an earlier blog entry — they have apparently switched to Mach ports for performance reasons. Surprising to me, because as eager as Apple has been to shut down interprocess communication on iOS, that’s a pretty nice avenue to leave open. Anyways, the errors will be fixed for Columbus, and hopefully I’ll be able to get my Audiobus effect demo working by then too.

So that’s speaking. Sometimes I’m also a conference attendee. I just bought my plane tickets for Streaming Media West, in LA the week after CocoaConf Atlanta. In fact, I’m doing it as a multi-point trip: Home (Grand Rapids) to Atlanta to Orange County back to Grand Rapids. So, I teach you guys what I know about media programming on the mobile device, then I fly out and learn about how to do streaming. Circle of tech life, or something.

Oh, last thing… some of my iOS-and-anime tweeps are going to be at CocoaConf Atlanta, and we’re talking about setting up a late night anime room. Might happen, might not, but I’m hopeful. All we need is projector, speakers, iPad, VGA out, and my Crunchyroll login. And permission, of course.

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