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CodeMash 2013 just ended; in fact, I’m in the hotel room at the Kalahari, waiting for my family to arrive so we can turn this trip into a weekend of indoor waterpark fun. That’s the upside of CodeMash. The conference itself was pretty much the usual, although this time they finally had enough iOS talks to allow for a single all-iOS track running through the entire conference. It also featured Jeff Kelley of Detroit Labs open-sourcing his AmazeKit library for iOS image trickery as the final reveal of his presentation.

I did a half-day tutorial on iOS productivity APIs, and ended up with about 16 hours of material for a 4-hour session. Not a complete disaster, because the attendees (most of whom were first-timers) got to work through downloading JSON from a REST API and building a UITableView out of it, and that’s honest-to-goodness useful stuff… but I’ll still want to reconsider my scope and ambition before turning this stuff into the all-day iPad Productivity API’s tutorial for CocoaConfs Chicago and DC.

Oh, and can I also say… wrapping up CodeMash with a trivia show from the .NET Rocks! guys? Painful. I walked out when they got to the question “why do you have to program the iPhone with Objective-C”, and the answer was something something Steve Jobs something. Why do you have to use Obj-C? I don’t know… maybe because when Apple bought NeXT, that’s what they had built all their stuff with? And you know what? It’s worked out pretty well for them, hasn’t it? Heck they even tried to offer Java as an alternative and it flopped. Guys, sometimes when you joke about stuff you don’t understand, you just sound stupid, and you waste my time. So… .NET Rocks, as it turns out, kind of sucks.

Detroit Mobile City

On Saturday, February 2, I’ll be speaking at the first Detroit Mobile City conference. This one has four tracks: an all-day iOS intro taught by Daniel Steinberg, an all-day design dive by Scott Ruth, a user engagement track, and an advanced iOS development track, with blocks, concurrency, Core Data and Core Audio (guess which one is me?)

Registration is open now. $150 for the conference, valet parking at the Book Cadillac, and lunch.


Then there are the CocoaConf conferences in the Spring. A while back, I did a post wondering about all-day tutorial topics, given that Core Audio is likely exhausting the small number of developers willing to spend a day learning the topic. The narrow winner of that poll was, as mentioned above, iPad Productivity APIs, which means things for managing the user’s documents, such as cut/copy/paste, undo/redo, UIDocument persistence (locally and to/from iCloud), printing / PDF export, and sending files between iOS applications. I prepped all of this stuff for my CodeMash tutorial this week, but barely used any of it. At least it’ll be fresh when I rework it for CocoaConfs Chicago and DC, but with an eye to getting into building a document sooner, so we can explore and exercise all these neat APIs.

I’ll also be giving the Core Audio all-day workshop one last run, at the end of CocoaConf’s Spring tour, in San Jose.

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