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Book updates: iOS 6 and Friends edition

A couple of important updates on my last two books:

iOS SDK Development

We just pushed an update to iOS SDK Development that updates the book to iOS 6. The biggest change, of course, was the iPhone 5, which required us to rebuild every damn project in the book with Auto Layout so it works well at both screen sizes, 3.5″ and 4″.

While iOS 6 doesn’t have the kinds of massive changes that led us to rewrite the whole book in the first place — blocks, Xcode 4, ARC — we’ve made sure we have adopted new stuff wherever possible, like the new Obj-C literals for strings and dictionaries, and the Social framework that supplants the Twitter framework and adds support for Facebook and potentially other social networks in the future.

Alas, iOS 6 seems to have a grievous -[UIDocument closeWithCompletionHandler:] bug that makes my unit testing example totally suck: instead of being able to perform the test once the completion handler signals that the document has been saved, we have to just wait 30 seconds to be sure UIDocument has done its thing. This is a regression from iOS 5. Link above goes to the Open Radar copy of the bug I filed with Apple.

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