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Learning Core Audio is now available on the iBookstore.

Learning Core Audio listing in iBookstore on iPad

Which means I can start using the cool new badge: Learning Core Audio: A Hands-On Guide to Audio Programming for Mac and iOS - Chris Adamson & Kevin Avila

[Update: But as of March 5, it’s only the US iBookstore, and Canada. Efforts are apparently underway to get on iBooks in other countries, but for now, eBook fans outside the US should get the ePub/PDF bundle direct from the publisher.]

There’s also now a listing for the Kindle version at Amazon, so if you’re keen on an eBook, we’ve got you covered with the popular formats. I think the Kindle edition is also available in some or all of Europe.

As you might expect, these are all my iTunes and Amazon affiliate links, which give me as good a cut as I get from the actual author’s royalty on the book. Surely someone could use this while writing a very clever blog on the respective value of content and attention on the internet. At any rate, I’m new at these affiliate programs, but since I apparently get a cut of anything else you buy on the store for a limited time… hey, how ’bout buying a copy of Final Cut Pro while you’re shopping, eh?

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  1. What about Nook? Barnes & Noble didn’t accept me into their link-sharing program, so please enjoy the Kindle or iBooks edition instead.

  2. ignatz

    Great news! I’m looking forward to getting my hard copy from Amazon. First I’ve got to finish working through your iOS book 🙂

  3. ignatz: Thanks! Hope you like it. Be warned that Learning Core Audio is a lot harder than iOS SDK Development. You’re jumping from “beginner” to “advanced”, soaring right over “intermediate”.

  4. ignatz

    Thanks for the heads up. What would you recommend as an intermediate text that’s up to date iOS wise?

  5. ignatz: The pain point is going to be C and the programming customs that go with it. We cover it in an appendix to iOS SDK Development, but that’s just a taste. Re-read that and then see how you handle the first chapter of Learning Core Audio and its first code example… I expect the hard part will be the manual memory management, pointer trickery, and the non-OO nature of C libraries (structs and functions rather than classes and methods).

    That said, there are “old C dude” practices that we rely on without apology that you’ll just have to get used to: using 0/NULL/nil in if statements, bit-fields for flags (this is a big thing in the AudioStreamBasicDescription), function pointers and callbacks to them, etc.

  6. Paul in Boston

    How about a book on Core Video and AVFoundation. I’m a very experienced programmer and have spent the last three years writing iOS apps. I just recently had to do some video. Yikes! Talk about opaque and difficult to use. Luckily the requirements were simple enough that I could get through by stealing hunks of code from Apple’s sample code. I’m not sure I could explain the code to anyone, but it works which is fine with me. Maybe your book would help even though it’s about audio?

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