Can We Go To Slides, Please?

Trying something different for my two 90-minute AV Foundation presentations at CocoaConf today, I decided to do my presentation entirely from the iPad with the VGA adapter… no laptop.

In some ways, it was an easy choice to make: I’d already done the slides in Keynote, so running the same presentation off the iPad only necessitated changing a few fonts (I usually code in Incosolata, which required a change to Courier). If anything, the app demos worked better, since running apps in the simulator precludes showing off anything particular to the device hardware, such as accelerometers, location, or (in my case) video capture. In fact, as soon as you touch the AV Foundation capture APIs in a project, you lose the ability to build for the Simulator.


Downsides include the fact that I couldn’t hop into source on Xcode, so any important code needed to be in slides (I continue to hope for Xcode for iPad, though its painful performance on my 4GB MacBook has dashed those hopes somewhat). Still, I remain impressed that I can get so much done with just the iPad… probably my biggest disappointment today was having to use the official WordPress app to upload this entry’s picture, as WordPress always destroys user data, and even if I do need it only for uploading pictures from the iPad, I don’t need the pictures more than I need the blog itself (how can it be that the WordPress app is as bad as it is?)

One thing to keep in mind for iPad-only presentations is that you cannot charge while the VGA cable is plugged in, so you need to start with enough battery power to get through your presentation. That said, it’s not hard: between two 90-minute talks, I drained my battery from 90% to 55%. The battery certainly seemed likely to outlast both my voice and my legs, so that’s not a problem.

I’m happy to leave the laptop behind whenever possible, and will probably do so at my next conference. Speaking of which, the Voices That Matter: iOS Developers’ Conference is coming to Boston on Nov. 12-13, and you can get $150 off with my speaker code: BSSPKR5.

Tomorrow is the second and final day for CocoaConf, which has a shockingly deep and thorough collection of talks for a first time conference. Nice to have another good Mac/iOS conference in this part of the country.

Update 8/23/11 – Here, after much delay, are links to the slides and sample code from my CocoaConf presentation.

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  1. rscovil

    Chris – for those of us here on the left side, what conferences would you recommend beyong WWDC?

  2. mgill404

    Late to the party, but the CCFScreenRecorder project needs the following lines of code in the file FirstViewController.m in the function writeSample


    place these lines at the very bottom of this if statement:


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