Reminder: CocoaConf early bird ends Friday (July 22)

Quick reminder: Early Bird pricing ($350) ends Friday (July 22) for CocoaConf in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a new conference, but it has put together a very impressive set of speakers, most recently adding Bill Dudney, former Apple evangelist and co-author on my revised iOS SDK Development book.

I’m doing two talks on AV Foundation. These may draw on the three talks I’ve done at the Voices That Matter conferences, but if I have time, I’m considering rebooting them from the “tour the APIs” format to a “one big project” format. Maybe something along the lines of “Let’s Write QuickTime Player for iPhone” and “Let’s Write Final Cut Pro for iPad”. We’ll see… don’t want to over-promise when I’m already buried with programming work and two books.

Oh, and Columbus has my favorite chain restaurant, a holdover from my time in Atlanta, and my former employer at One CNN Center. Just sayin’, in case plans are needed for Saturday night. Ahem.

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