Core Audio book actually updated

Just in time for WWDC, we have two bits of news about the Core Audio book.

  • First, the next three chapters are finally available on the Safari Online Books “Rough Cut”, so those subscribers can now read chapters 7-9, covering Audio Units, advanced Audio Units, and OpenAL. This is some of the hardest material in the book, and as we thought that units were important and underserved by existing documentations, we just let things run long and get deep, ultimately walking through four example programs.

  • Our editor has been working on a big WWDC-week promotion, an enormous iOS/Mac development EPUB sampler from various Pearson imprints (Addison-Wesley Professional, Prentice-Hall, Sam’s, etc.). The thing is over 400 pages when opened in iBooks, and contains complete chapters from eight books, including chapter 7 from Core Audio. Yeah, the first half of the just-released Audio Units material. 60 pages of the stuff. Freebies. You’re welcome.

Plan from here is to do three more chapters: Core Audio on iOS, MIDI, and Advanced Grab Bag of Fun and/or Evil. I can’t publicly avoid the fact that this has been a troubled project – our last update was in, what, September? But a splash of visibility and viability may be what we need to finally make the final push to get this title wrapped up, rewritten and polished, and off to the printer.

And no, I don’t know where the download code is. I sent it to Chuck two months ago. If it continues to be a problem for readers, I’ll probably put a second copy on my Dropbox next week and just point people there.

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  1. keithgardiner

    There still seems to be no sign of the sample code, Dropbox?

  2. Keith: In Safari Books Online, you should see five tabs: “Overview”, “Table of Contents”, etc. The third is “Extras”. Tap that. You’ll see .zip files corresponding to each chapter:,, etc. That’s the sample code. Also check out the README.txt

  3. standingbehindyou

    First thank you for an excellent core audio resource. I’m also having trouble accessing sample code…I see the text on that page as you describe, but they do not link anywhere. Help?

  4. Really? I just clicked on “” and “” and both of them downloaded sample code folders.

  5. standingbehindyou

    Yes! I am signed in on Safari Books and none of are links…is it possible that they are only viewable as links to you (author)?

  6. […] I want to shine some light on my other current writing project, the long-in-coming Core Audio book. Last month, I mentioned that we’d shipped an update with three new chapters. A lot of the focus is and […]

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