Core Audio / OpenAL freak out

Just posted the following to the #coreaudio IRC channel on freenode:

[1:50pm] invalidname: OK, this was weird.
[1:50pm] invalidname: I'm writing the second example for the OpenAL chapter.
[1:51pm] invalidname: The first one loads an iLife loop into an AL buffer, attaches to a source, and just orbits it around the listener
[1:51pm] invalidname: The second example uses the AL streaming API
[1:51pm] invalidname: So I'm writing the "refiller" function, which loads from an ExtAudioFile and shares a buffer between an AudioBufferList (CoreAudio) and an AL buffer
[1:52pm] invalidname: I'm copying and pasting code from the earlier example, making changes I know about, but I've gotten a little lost about which variables are local, which are pointers from a state struct, etc.
[1:52pm] invalidname: I mean literally, I'm changing * and & just to not get compile errors.
[1:52pm] invalidname: So I build and run solely to see where it crashes
[1:53pm] invalidname: And I hear my stream playing, going from one speaker to the other.
[1:53pm] invalidname: Core Audio never works the first time. OpenAL never works the first time.
[1:53pm] invalidname: I think my Mac may be possessed.

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