Spring 2011 conferences

A quick update on upcoming conference talks…

  • Next Saturday, February 19, is MobiDevDay Detroit at the Compuware building downtown. I’ll be doing a talk on iOS Multimedia, a high-level overview of the various media frameworks (AV Foundation, Core Audio, Open AL, Media Library, etc.), with an emphasis on the practical questions of “which one do I pick for my application”. They’ve asked me to do the talk twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, so feel free to check out the other iOS talks from Dave Koziol, Chris Judd, Henry Balanon, et. al.

  • In April, I’ll be in Seattle for another round of the Voices That Matter: iPhone Developer Conference. This time, I’m doing Advanced Media Manipulation with AV Foundation, which will cover advanced AV Foundation topics like capture-time media processing, editing with effects (and exporting them), sample-level access, etc. It’s kind of a follow-up to the AV Foundation intro I did at VTM in Philly in the Fall, except that we can’t assume that attendees were there for Philly, so I’ll probably start with an abbreviated AV Foundation intro before getting into the rough stuff. I’ve also told the conference organizers that I could do the intro talk if a spot opens up that they need to fill, though I don’t actually suspect that’ll happen.

  • I’m going to update the blog’s right colum with a badge for the conference as soon as I post this entry, but in the meantime, here’s a registration code for you: SEASPK2. That’s good for $100. If combined with Early Bird pricing (ends Feb. 25), you’re in the door for $395. Which is, like, what, a quarter of what you’d pay for WWDC? Plus, hey, smaller crowds, indie speakers, Seattle (Shorty’s is two blocks from the conference hotel)… it’s just packed with win.

Annnnnd… now I need to get cracking on my slides for MobiDevDay in a week…

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