The Rough Cut is Up

So for everyone who’s been pining for the Core Audio, I’m please to announce that the Rough Cut is now available on Safari Books Online. If you’re a member, you now have access to the first draft of the first six (of an anticipated 12) chapters.

The first three chapters are set-up, but they’re not idle chatfests. The first introduces the framework and its major conventions. Chapter 2 discusses digital audio processing and how it works. Then chapter 3 puts the two together, showing how Core Audio models and works with digital audio. All three of these introductory chapters have example projects… it’s a very code-heavy book. Heck, you’re already generating raw PCM samples in chapter 2.

Part II has two chapters on Audio Queues: the first for recording, the second for playback. Chapter 6 gets into the Audio Converter and ExtAudioFile frameworks, for converting between encoded formats and PCM. There’s surprisingly little information out there on using the Audio Converter directly (and not that much on ExtAudioFile), so we’re breaking a little new ground here.

That’s where the current Rough Cut ends. Right now, I’m working on one hell of a chapter about Audio Units, the heart and soul of Core Audio. We have four examples in this chapter: a file player, a speech synthesizer, a sine-wave generator (which introduces render callbacks), and a play-through example (which covers input callbacks, audio devices, the CARingBuffer, and mixing). This chapter might end up being as long as all of Part II, which in turn might argue for a chapter split if we can find a good place to do it. Nevertheless, do not fear for depth in this book: this chapter in particular is going crazy deep. I hope to get it off to Chuck this week.

After that, it’s on to OpenAL, which I worked on for an unpublished ADC article, which in turn led to an earlier brain dump. My plan here is to cover both plain ol’ single-shot ALBuffers and streaming to an ALSource.

There’s still a ways to go, but I think getting past Audio Units will give me a break from “hard parts”, at least until the last chapter when we get into custom units.

And yes, the estimated date has slipped again. Clearly, if I’m on chapter 7 of 12, printed copies will not be ready by Christmas. Sorry about that. Please bear with us, as we try to get this one right. It’s too important a topic to do a slapdash rip-off-the-ADC-docs kind of job.

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