Hail Xeon!

The freeze-out on using PowerPC for iPhone development — somewhat inexplicable since people have reported getting the various iPhone SDK betas mostly working with PPCs (seriously, Apple, would supporting PPC really be that burdeonsome?) — has forced me to replace my G5 with an Intel box a year sooner than planned.

Mac Pro (Yuna) and Power Mac (Aeris)

So, here they are, side by side after Firewiring them together for the Migration Assistant during setup. Hard to tell which is which, right? The one on the left is Yuna, the new Mac Pro, and the one on the right is Aeris, the old G5.

Anyone who knows my naming convention might have figured that “Yuna” was the next name in the series, since I name each machine’s partitions after characters in the Final Fantasy games, and I’m up to Final Fantasy X, meaning this box’s partitions are Yuna, Lulu, and Rikku. One thing I do with this convention is to use screenshots or fan art (thank goodness for DeviantArt and all the FF fanboys and fangirls out there) of the character whose name is used for the current partition, giving me an instant reminder of which partition or machine I’m on.

Yuna desktop

I’ve only been up a few hours, and haven’t really pushed the 8-cores very hard:

8 cores not doing much

I feel like I should re-export my AMV from Final Cut or do an MPEG transcode or something that’ll spin up the CPUs.

Or maybe I’ll hit the system-grinding Flash slowness of the My Coke Rewards site, which used to bring the old G4 laptop to a near halt (who knew you needed multi-core gigabyte speed to animate a dialog popping up… seriously Coke and/or Flash, what is your problem?)

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