Back online…

I feel like I shouldn’t complain when last night’s South Park portrayed the city’s panic when their internet went out.

Still, if either of the regular readers wondered why the site was unreachable Friday through Tuesday, it’s because we found that upon our return from a week in Michigan, our DSL provider was doing an amazing impersonation of a company that had suddenly gone out of business: all their clients’ connections offline, “all circuits busy” when you try to call, offices locked and blinds shut, with a handwritten note saying “please call our parent company in California”, etc. The chaos can be revisited on DSL Reports.

Anyways, it turns out they weren’t out of business, but while they were failing to respond in any meaningful way to the outage, I switched companies. Took a little longer than it actually needed to, but it’s done now, and we’re back.

Ridiculously unproductive week here, FWIW. The house was all torn up with painters working most of the week, I lost of lot of time with child maintenance, and to add insult to injury, I missed the FedEx truck with the new iPhone-SDK-compatible MacPro earlier today.

Still, guess I’d better not complain too loudly, though, or I’ll end up looking like one of the jackass denizens of South Park.

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