TuneStudio looms?

Could the vaporous TuneStudio, mentioned previously, be looming for a MacWorld or CES release? I’ve been stalking its web page in hopes of just such a release, and noticed that today the list price was reduced from $399.99 to a “special discounted price” of $249.99, matching its originally announced price. As of this blogging, you can still see the higher price in Google’s cache. The fact that they’re bothering to update price data in the page, and offer a special price that is presumably time-limited, might speak to a release soon.

Belkin web page showing $249.99 price for Tune Studio

Speaking of previously mentioned gadgets, my Bella Final Cut keyboard arrived yesterday. So far, I haven’t put it to significant editing use, so I can’t say too much yet about how well it performs at its intended task. It doesn’t come with built-in settings for Soundtrack, although the jog wheel by default rolls the playhead one tick in the timeline, which is a pretty appropriate and useful action. A very quick glance at Final Cut shows that jogging and shuttling through a video clip in preview “feels” right to me… like using a tape deck, albeit with a lot less physical resistance form the shuttle. I’ll ack back on this after doing some serious FCE work with it.

In the meantime, it’s pretty reasonable for everyday typing, though moving the arrow keys down to the wrist rest is a pretty harsh compromise. I’m willing to just abandon the arrow keys in favor of emacs keybindings, which are quietly supported by many OS X apps (BBEdit, XCode, and Mail among them), but don’t work with many modifiers, such as command-left-arrow to go back to the beginning of a line. The keypad should be able to fill in as a cursor movement device, but it turns out that the Num Lock key in Mac OS X is surprisingly non-standard. Look at Leopard’s help when you look up “Num Lock”:

Leopard help on Num Lock key

The description that only “some applications” support moving around your document with a NumLock’ed keypad is surprisingly unhelpful. How would I know which ones do and don’t? Why is there a difference? Why don’t text areas pick this up for free from the OS?

I built a quick Carbon app in XCode — just an editable text area in a window — and found it didn’t support NumLock… haven’t had time to try Cocoa, but since none of the apps that I found support NumLock are Cocoa, I’m not holding my breath.

I whined about this over in the Apple support forums. It’ll be interesting to see what the answer is.

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  1. And a day later, the TuneStudio is back up to $399. Without actually, you know, being released or anything.

  2. Another day, another price change: back to the $249.99 “special discounted price”. I added a screen grab of the Belkin web page just to prove I’m not crazy the next time it changes.

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