Considered obsolete: Desert Island Discs

Years ago, Tower Records’ Pulse magazine had a feature…

Wait, let me start over. Years ago there was a record store called Tower, and they had a magazine…

No, wait. There used to be these places called record stores…

OK, so there were things called “records”…

Eh, the heck with the context. This magazine used to have a feature called “Desert Island Discs”, in which readers and musicians would answer the rhetorical question, “if you were stranded on a desert island, what 10 records, tapes, or CDs would you want to have?” In other words, what’s your favorite music, to the degree that you could stand to have these 10 discs and nothing else?

Over the years I, like a lot of people, kept a list in my head of discs that were on and off the list. It’s an interesting exercise to track the evolution of your personal music taste.

So I started banging out an update to my list in a Dashboard sticky the other day, when it hit me:

Why am I trying to pick just 10, when all 700 or so of my CDs:

don’t even fill half of my iPod:

One of the Big Points of digital media is that it’s laying waste to scarcity, and physical storage space is a form of scarcity. In fact, one of the reasons I picked the Classic over the Touch was so that I wouldn’t have to manage scarce storage — instead of picking a hundred favorite CDs and a subset of my podcasts, it’s vastly easier to just take a hands-off “sync everything” approach.

OK, though, for what it’s worth:

It’s also interesting to compare what I say I like to what says I actually listen to.

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