Belkin’s TuneStudio looks wonderful, but will it ever come out?

I was looking at audio-in options for potentially using my 160 GB iPod for podcast recording, and came across the Belkin TuneStudio:

My goodness, that’s an attractive setup, and the features are wonderful: four inputs, 3 band EQ, phantom power for your mics, built-in compressor, USB streaming in or out to your Mac (so you can presumably use it as a home mixing board, without the iPod), records to the iPod at 16-bit 44 KHz, etc. Works with iPod Classic, iPod 5th Gen, and all nanos.

Only gotcha I see is that it was announced way back in January and still isn’t out. In fact, November’s update to the press release pushes the release date back to January, 2008, and hikes the MSRP from $249 to $399. Unless it’s out on 1/2/08, it’ll miss the shows I need portable gear for, so I’m holding off on ordering until it’s really really available.

But jeez, it looks promising…

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  1. kebernet

    Whoa! That is 64 ways from awesome!

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