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OK, I’ve added a non-obnoxious Google Ads box on the right side. Not sure why, actually, other than:

  • a lot of other blogs do it unobtrusively. Frankly, I kind of wanted to make sure I understand just how Google Ads work in practice
  • the topics here are pretty focused, so any ads should be highly targeted. Keywords like “final cut”, “h.264”, etc., should produce media-related links, not “refi your house again” spew.
  • I’d rather do it now, when nobody’s reading the blog, rather than later, when it would look like I was trying to monetize the blog

Will this amount to anything? Probably not. Maybe someday it’ll help the blog pay for itself, but that’s not the plan, nor a requirement.

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  1. […] I feel differently if it were generating serious money? Probably not. Like I said when I set it up, I was somewhat motivated by just wanting to understand the ubiquitous Google Ads. Now that I […]

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